DeFi Friends™ Custom NFT Art Collectibles


When I started the DeFi Friends, it seemed natural to draw members of the community in 24x24 pixel likenesses. Now it has grown into a global community from varying walks of life.

Each DeFi Friend has a real story and experiences.

This project isn't like other NFTs, it connects us on the blockchain.

What is a DeFi Friend?

1) DeFi Friends™ is a continuing collection of pixelated works that reflect the community at large. We chat, I draw, you have a new digital face to show off in the digital world!

2) I'll only ever do 100 of these.

3) Once I've done 100, those that have not sold by that time will all be up for sale.

4) Currently these are handled with PRIVATE sales only, however, a bid on someone's likeness will be considered on a 'BOUNTY' and I will notify the original likeness for their input.

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Most Recent:

Pizza Moon #84

DeFi Friends™ Custom NFT Art Collectibles

The first 50: were initial supporters and community members.

The first 50 were 'Pay want you want' (+gas).

Collectors ranged from .06Ξ to 6.9Ξ.

The current price for a DeFi Friend™ is displayed above.
The second 50:

The last 50 DeFi Friends™ will require a reservation and confirmation within 24 hours of request. The price for #50 started at .06Ξ and each subsequent portrait sold increases their cost by .01Ξ from 50-99.

Regardless of fiat price, the social bonding curve will not be broken.

Make a Character

Now how do you go about making a character?

Well simple, it can be anything really. A selfie, an animal, robot parts, or even just a fun hat!

I just ask that you refrain from using any IP or celebrity likenesses. If there is a celebrity in the mix, it's because I am trying to get their attention. They will be for sale, however, if the are not purchased.

Once you have decided to have a DeFi Friend™ created, reach out to me on TWITTER with an offer. I generally work fairly quickly, however, please allow me a 24 hour grace period upon request.

I'll add some random stats and equipment, and you'll be ready to start making friends! Use as a profile picture on any platform and stand out from the crowd with your awesome pixel self!


Hair Color

Skin Color

Hat or Head Object

Glasses, shades, or visor

Shirt style and color

General Colors

Do you consider yourself a Fighter, Cleric, Thief, or Wizard.

85 DeFi Friends™ Created So Far

More Coming 2021.
DeFi Friends™ is a Trademark of Design Sprout Co. Copyright 2021.